An online business is a business just like any other physical business. It needs resources, time, and planning. Start with identifying a possible problem that either you or others have experienced, which you can use technology to solve. Then choose a suitable technology such as a website, mobile app, or e-commerce platform to create a medium through which you will reach your target market.

Steps to Starting an Online Business in Kenya.

  1. Set up your website, mobile app, or platform.

Do proper research on which platform would be best to work with, source for a designer or developer, and set up your technology online. It is prudent to avoid using too much money before you have proven that there is a market for your product or service. Start small and grow once you know what you develop works. 

  1. Market your platform.

Use all types of marketing to create awareness for your platform. Both online and offline methods. Some online methods you can use include pay per click (Google Marketing), Social Media Marketing (Sponsored Advertising), Content marketing (blogging, videos, social media), direct emails (email marketing), webinars, WhatsApp, and any other suitable ways of marketing. For offline marketing, use word of mouth to friends and family, attend networking events, cold calls, and referral programs.

  1. Grow your business

Once you have made more than a few sales, it is time to grow your business. Get constant feedback from your customers, and use that feedback to modify your online platform, as you make your solution more customized and relevant for your target market. Set up business processes and systems that will make it easier to grow the business and serve more customers without putting too much stress on your staff.

  1. Diversify

Once you have achieved some level of success, it is time to multiply your revenue by looking for other related products and services that you can upsell or cross-sell. Create other revenue streams and ensure you do not leave any money on the table.