Getting a new website? Or do you have an existing website? You need to keep the content fresh and engaging. Here are 5 different types of content you can add to your website. As you prepare this content, put yourself in the shoes of the client/visitor and see if this is something they would be interested in. Content may be in terms of text, infographics, photos, and videos.

  1. Informational

Under these types of content, think data, history, facts, lists, how-tos, and anything that helps the client or website visitor gain useful information concerning your products and services. Let it be as actionable as possible, as useful as possible, and as interesting as possible.

  1. Transactional

This type of content takes your visitor to the alter of giving you their money for your product or service. It may be the description of a product or service, its features, reviews, answers to frequently asked questions about it, and photographs where possible. Use persuasive language and make sure the client knows that you are thinking about their best interests, not just your pockets.

  1. Entertaining

Here you want your client to get tickled enough to stay through to the end of your article, or video. It could be in the form of storytelling, fantastic videos/photos of wildlife and scenery if it is a travel website/blog, humor, or anything else your client might find worth consuming.

  1. Inspirational

Something inspiring is that which makes someone want to get out of their comfort zone and do something worthwhile, probably different, difficult, or out of their character, and hopefully will mean a few shillings land into your pocket. Get somebody to see possibilities out of impossibilities.

  1. News

What’s new in your company? Update your clients, if you have added new prices, products or product lines, staff, or branches, or maybe you are discontinuing some of your offerings. Do you have something to share about your past clients’ experiences? Is your business being affected directly or indirectly by the latest happenings in the country? Keep your clients up to date on your website.  Let the client be guaranteed to find something new every time they visit your website as much as possible.



Content creation is a term used loosely by online “influencers”. However, your company can also become an influencer in its field through constant updates on your website, and social media profiles. Imagine if you posted 10 new content items on a daily basis. What would that do to your company, brand, and even your bottom line? Consider having an objective for every article or content you create. What would be the best possible outcome of each piece of content you put out there?