Do you want to get a website and don’t know where to start? Having a website is not just a matter of getting one done and uploaded. There are 5 important things to consider when you want to have a website.

  • What do you want your website visitors to see when they visit your website? 

Get your content ready. What you want to have on the home page, about the company, the key employees, your services, etc. Get your images also ready. Whether you want to buy your images, or if you have photos of your products and services get them all ready. Make sure they are a good size and resolution so that your website will be attractive. The beauty of the website is enhanced with the use of good photos and images.

5 types of content you can post on your website

  • Who are these visitors? Do you know your target?

As you prepare your content, you need to know who your target client is, so that it will define the look of your website, the voice of your content, the tone, and the product photos. 

  • How do you want them to perceive your business?

Do you want them to feel that they are dealing with a huge corporate or a small individual-owned business? Are you a fun business, or are you serious? What emotions do you want to evoke when they are on your site? Get down to the level of your perceived customer, and write all these down. 

  • What do you want them to do once they have interacted with your website?

Typically, most companies use their websites as a “brochure”, having a summary of what the company does, who they are, and what their contacts are. But what most do not do is allow for further interaction with the client. For example, using polls to research what your customers think about your products or company, creating a system that qualifies whether this is your ideal customer or not, providing latest news updates about your company, products, and services, plus useful information that your customer will want to keep coming back and refer others by “sharing” your content on WhatsApp or any other means, and of course, use the website to actually exchange money, using online payments. The most basic thing you can have is what is referred to as a “Call to Action”, where you communicate clearly to the customer, that either they should call, WhatsApp, or send an inquiry to your company email.

  • How important is your website to the success of your business? 

Now this is a very important one. It determines what you are willing to do for your website to succeed. If you expect over 70% of your new business to come through your website, expect to also spend a good amount to invest in your website. Consider it your “online office”. Imagine if it was a physical office, you would furnish it (expensively), pay rent and maintenance costs, put a receptionist, and possibly signages outside that point to your office. All these cost a lot of money. Please note that you will be required to pay this money whether or not you get any paying clients, otherwise, your landlord will lock your office or if you do not do maintenance, it will be dirty, or if you don’t put signage, no one will know where you are, or if you don’t have good furniture, your prospective clients will be put off. 


Fortunately, the cost of setting up and running a successful website campaign will be nowhere near the cost of setting up a physical office, but it will still be a cost. Determine how much you want to invest in setup and advertising, and of course, it’s not cheap, but easier to keep testing, and pivoting. You cannot easily change your office location, but you can change your website wordings, images, advertising messages, and modes, at a few clicks of some buttons. 


Once you have the answer to these questions, get in touch and let us get started on your journey to online success today.