Entrepreneurship is one of the best opportunities to create wealth. As a business person, you have no limits on how much you can earn. Depending on how you leverage money, opportunities, and connections, the sky is the limit as far as your earning capability is concerned.

The journey of entrepreneurship, however, is not always straightforward. You can easily get overwhelmed by information, ideas, strategies, activities, that you become paralyzed and unable to make the right moves.

Mentorship is one of the best ways to get clarity and focus on the steps you should take to the promised land of financial success.

Here are some great business thought leaders you should follow on YouTube to get good mentorship for the different aspects of your business. It is not enough to just listen, but also pick at least one thing and have a plan on how to implement it.


  1. Patrick Bet David – Valuetainment – All rounded Business Tips

Patrick Bet David is a successful businessman and a business motivational speaker who gives great insights into how to succeed in various aspects of business, from strategy, sales, handling employees, business growth, and much more. He adds new videos almost on a daily basis to his YouTube channel.


2. Victor Antonio – Comprehensive Sales and Motivational Trainer

Victor Antonio provides insightful, actionable sales tips for anyone who has issues with closing businesses. Handling objections, growing your customers, sales scripts, upselling, and much more. Get any sales material that you need on his channel.


3. Centonomy – Personal and Business Finances

Centonomy is all about managing your money, whether personal or business. Get tips on growing your money, transitioning your business online, managing debt, career growth, and others in their YouTube Channel.


4. Les Brown – Motivational Speaker

Everybody needs motivation every once in a while. As an entrepreneur, difficulties, obstacles, lack of cash flow, all tend to weigh you down. Les Brown is the motivational speaker that helps you build your self-confidence and self-belief. Listen to his videos at least once a week, and you shall begin to see an attitude change.


5. Dr Kinyanjui Ng’ang’a – Business, Motivational, Relationships, and Spiritual Speaker

Listen to Dr K N Jacob for insights on succeeding in business, particularly in the Kenyan context. He also covers a variety of topics in relationships, motivation, and spiritual matters.


6. John Maxwell – Leadership Speaker and Coach

A good business person is also a good leader. Obtain excellent leadership skills from John Maxwell, by listening to his videos, read his books and even undertake his leadership course.


7. Evan Carmichael – Business and motivational content curator

Evan Carmichael brings together valuable content on various topics and from people who have succeeded in their fields, mostly business and leadership. Listen to these videos at least once a week.


8. Tom Bilyeu – Business talk show host

Tom Bilyeu brings you high achievers and interviews them to reveal their mindset and the secrets of their success.


9. Vusi Thembekwayo – Business Success Tips


His talks are relevant in our African business context. Vusi is charismatic, knowledgeable, and radical in his ideas. His talks are both captivating and actionable.


10. Brian Tracy – Self Development and Improvement

Brian Tracy has a series of short videos that give actionable tips for success in strategy, sales, time management, and personal development, all very important aspects of business and life success.


In conclusion

Just the way you need to replenish your body with food and nourishment, you also need to feed your intellect and spirit. Listening to a video daily gives you a boost in your daily entrepreneurial journey. Do not, however, spend too much time listening, and get so overloaded with information, that you become paralyzed into inaction, instead, pick one thing to implement per video, write it down and give yourself targets.